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Organizing to Defeat Trumpism - A conversation with Arun Gupta

The extraordinary outpouring of resistance against Donald Trump is a sign of great hope, but it will take more than protest, lawsuits, or even a general strike to defeat him.

Join independent journalist Arun Gupta as he discusses his reporting from around the United States to explain why Trump came to power and how only genuine organizing and base-building can thwart his extremist agenda.

Based on conversations with more than 100 Trump supporters, Gupta will explain why many unionized workers flocked to Trump, how they can be won back to progressive politics, the role of trauma in liberal political reaction, how Trump used libidinal politics to craft a winning narrative, what the left gets right and where it has gone wrong.

This will be followed by a discussion with the audience as to how to build real counter-power in New York and how that relates to protests, mobilizing, and electoral politics.

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